Trade Test Plumbing


Two day test R3100 per student (Student arrive on date given by PCD College)

Accommodation fee R840.00 inclusive of 3 meals a day.
The decision of our Assessors are final
The Certification is done by Construction Ceta and takes very long, you can however register at PIRB and IOPSA with your Trade test result sheet from PCD College in the interim
Registration forms for the trade test available at PCD College Admin office.

The below information is for ALL trades and information taken from a letter from The National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB) a unit within the

Learning to be in place before applying to perform the trade test.

˃ N2 Certificate including the relevant trade theory subjects and a minimum of 3 years relevant working experience; or
˃ Relevant Engineering NCV at NQF level 3 and a minimum of 3 years relevant Work experience; or
˃ Relevant engineering (NC(V) 4 Plus completion of all relevant work Experience, modules and minimum of 18 months relevant work experience; or
˃ Technical Grade 12 with Maths, Engineering Science and related trade Theory subject and a minimum of 3 years relevant working experience; or
˃ Grade 9 and a minimum of 4 years relevant work experience; or
˃ Relevant (directly related to the trade theory subjects) N6 certificate or National Technical Diploma (S or N stream) with 18 Months relevant work experience

In order to apply for a trade test, the following documentation is required:

√ 2 x Certified copies of your service letter
√ 2 x Certified copies of your ID
√ 2 x Certified copies of your highest school qualification
√ 2 x Certified copies of your highest qualification

Guidelines on reference letters

• An original letter of the company (on an official letterhead of the company), with contract numbers, address, contact person/s and company stamp, company VAT number or REG number, entrance and resignation dates or to date (if still employed with same employer – specify dates (day, month and year).
• Current occupation/position (to be the same as the trade applying for)
• Detailed job description – all the daily duties that the applicant do for the trade applying for.
• N2 trade theory applicable to the trade applying for • Signature, title and Name of the official writing the reference letter.
• Identity document or passport/work permit if not S.A citizen.
• Trade test fee according to the trade
• 3 Certified copies of Identity Document.


• Enquiries on results can be made after 4 weeks from the day tested
• Enquiries on certificates can be made after 2-3 months
• Contact PCD College on 012 335 5793

Office hours: Mondays to Fridays 8:00 – 16:00

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